Dinner Club


Why did we start Dinner Club?

With everyone's busy schedules who has time to make their family a delicious home cooked meal? Who wants to sit in those horrible drive thru lines? The answer is nobody and that's why we started Dinner Club.

How does it work?

Sign up for our list at the bottom of the page and the weekly specials will be emailed to you by Friday of each week. We also post the weekly specials to our Facebook page so you can share the goodness with your family and friends. Place your order through email or text to us and it will be ready for pickup or delivery ($5 fee may apply) on Tuesday of each week. 

What do we offer?

We offer our take on classic home cooked meals using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Each week we provide 2 or 3 options so there is something for everyone. 

Is Dinner Club affordable?

We offer 2-3 dishes each week so that we can buy our products in bulk and pass those savings on to you. We strive to keep our costs affordable so that everyone can participate in our club. Our prices are comparable to what you spend in the drive thru line. 

What sizes do we offer?

Small- 2 people

Medium- 4 people

Large- 6 people

Soups, etc- by the Quart (2 people) 

Chicken Salad, etc- by the Pint (2 people) 

Join Our Dinner Club

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